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Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Minor

Students help feature "the many faces" of agriculture in Michigan

SAFS students work with Michigan Food and Farming Systems (MIFFS) to increase their networking ability.

The goal of the SAFS students’ project was to create a brand image for MIFFS inspired by MIFFS’ mission. MIFFS mission: “to connect beginning and under-served farmers to resource opportunities for developing profitable and environmentally sustainable businesses” by focusing on the triple bottom line: people, profit, and planet.

SAFS students interviewed three MIFFS farmers representing farmers of color networks in the Southeast and Southwest of the state, and a beginning woman farmer in the Lansing area. They utilized photo and video to produce short story-telling videos to promote MIFFS, which works to provide service and identified support for these farming groups, who may not be served or represented by more traditional agricultural groups.

Photos of the farmers are featured on MIFFS' website on the Women and Multicultural Farmers pages.

Food and community development are some of the most powerful tools in enhancing sustainability, both in agriculture and economics. Michigan Farmer Food Systems, opened me up to that reality. Working with this nonprofit showed me the value of having a strong network among the farming community. Getting to speak to the farmers one on one, visiting their businesses and getting to learn what the faculty at MIFFS does was inspiring. They not only seek to provide resources for our farmers, but also seek to enhance those connections between farmer and consumers.


Connect with MIFFS to learn more about support for new and beginning farmers, veteran farmers, women in farming, and multicultural farmers.