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Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Minor

South Lansing Farmers Market- A Place to Remember

“The South Lansing Farmers Market supports a sustainable local food system by providing a vibrant community gathering space where consumers establish relationships with the small-scale local producers from whom they purchase fresh, affordable, locally-grown food and agricultural products.” ~ SLFM Website

I like shopping in a welcoming environment that makes me feel at home, that gives me good wholesome vibes. South Lansing Farmer’s Market did just that. It took me a minute to find it because it was amidst construction, but they were ready and prepared with signs directing passersby on every major corner. I was delighted when I finally arrived and parked. It was a nice sunny day which fit the atmosphere perfectly. As I walked up I heard the live music of a talented musician as I was greeted by the first vendor I passed, Joe, at EL Burrito Mexicano. As I tried to buy a tamale with card, he informed me that he did not accept card. Fortunately they had a program in place for just that problem. I was able to convert as much money as I needed to “coins” to purchase produce from vendors who didn’t take card. I could not help myself, I bought something from almost every booth. There were so many options for vegetables, fruit, baked goods, value added products, crafts, health & wellness products, and I genuinely felt welcomed. I was pulled in by all the aromas AND free samples of honey at Rick’s Apiary & Honey House. I was able to try about five different types of honey before making my final decision (a fall honey, dark & subtle). They had options of infused honey, seasonal honey, candles, fancy stirrers, and other bee related products. I loved it all. I didn’t know how to choose a farm to purchase produce, so instead I took it upon myself to observe each booth and buy something from each. This was my outrageous Shopping List. . .


However, I almost felt like I had to. The vendors know this, it is their job, so they set their booths up every so nicely and set reasonable prices. The Farmer’s Market makes it easy for anyone who wants to shop there to do so, serving those with Cash, VISA, MasterCard, EBT Bridge Card, Project FRESH & Market FRESH Coupons, and Double Up Food Bucks. I was thrilled to learn that many of the distributors did not live very far from the venue. Most lived within a 15 minute distance, which I found to be important because there is nothing like having good community relationships. I love when your farmer can be your “neighbor”, because you know exactly where your produce is coming from. So, not only are you able to purchase fresh products, it’s conveniently priced, accessible, and communal.

You know the feeling you get when you think to yourself “I’m going to remember this experience for a long time”, with no explanation this Farmers Market gave me that feeling. I hope to return next year and have more experiences like the one I had this year.


South Lansing Farmers Market is open from May to October during times that are less likely to interfere with school and work (Thursdays from 3pm – 7pm). In the parking lot of St. Casimir Parish (800 W. Barnes Ave. Lansing MI 48910)