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Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Minor

Feeding the Soil and Eating the Bugs: SAFS Alumni at the 2017 Michigan Food & Farming Systems

Two SAFS Alumni are helping to chart the way to a more sustainable food future, demonstrating the breadth of interests and expertise that have grown out of the SAFS program. I got to catch up with them at the annual MIFFS conference in January 2016.

Both have overcome the "ick" factor of manure and entomophagy (eating bugs) to see the beauty of wise resource use.

Joel Clifton now works as an agronomist with Morgan Composting, Inc. Beyond their well-known "Dairydoo" product, they offer custom soil amendments and soil mixes for farmers of all types and scales. This award-winning small business helps farmers improve their soil with the right organic-based amendments. Joel found a great fit for his cropping systems knowledge and desire to work-hands on to help farmers grow from the soil up.

Anthony Hatinger had a brief but illustrious career in Urban Agriculture and Aquaculture in Detroit. He has since moved on to focus the majority of his professional attention to his true passion - building an insect-based protein company, Detroit Ento. Anthony is taking on the multiple challenges of building a animal production and food processing facility that have no regulatory predecessors while developing outlets for a powdered protein product that, while rich in many nutrients, meets some consumer... hesitancy. A maverick at heart, Anthony is excited by the product development and opportunities for this environmentally-friendly protein source.

Two Former SAFS Students at 2017 MIFFS Conference

SAFS Alumni Joel and Anthony smile near the Morgan Compositng table at the 2017 MIFFS Conference

Check out more about the Michigan Food & Farming Systems organization and their annual Family Farm conference, Morgan Composting, Inc. and Detroit Ento.